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The Exodus of Ethiopian Jews to Israel


The Falash Mura—a term for those of Jewish origin who have converted to Christianity— are learning the faith of their Grandparents. The Ethiopian Jews practice an ancient form of Judaism – one that many believe can be traced back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
Generations have longed to be re-united with their brethren in Israel. For three decades the Beta Israel have been migrating back “home.” Their journeys have often been clandestine and treacherous. Many perished.
In 1984 and again in 1991 massive airlifts transported thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel – and a better life.


The Falash Mura remain behind.

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Local Collaborations:

The Community Engagement Campaign for TAKE US HOME provides opportunities for partner and network organizations – their chapters and affiliates – and others working in the sectors of international issues or immigration to host screening and discussion events leading up to festival dates and public television broadccast. There will be many ways to support the campaign, educate and raise awareness among the general public and within professional communities around the issues of assimilation, immigration, religion, race, rescue and social justice

Print materials and DVD outreach modules are available for your events at no cost. A complete of resources can be found on our website. Requests should be directed


♣Arrange group viewings of TAKE US HOME and moderate discussions to follow.

♣Collaborate with the PBS Station nearest you.

♣Serve as a spokesperson in community forums, local TV and radio broadcasts or other media.

♣Provide audience feedback on director’s cuts of the film in progress.

♣Advise of local resource development for web, on-air or print materials

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♣Assist with the promotion of the TAKE US HOME broadcast and outreach campaign through chapter newsletters, and other publications and networks.

♣Utilize TAKE US HOME DVD content and materials for professional development in conferences and other settings.


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