Dayton Premiere Nov 15th




Director Aileen LeBlanc Introduces Co-director Orly Malessa at the Premiere

Video  – Cole Pisano



Tickets are Now on Sale for the Dayton Premiere!

Dayton Art Institute

$5 on line $7 at the door



Dayton Premiere is set for Take Us Home!

The Dayton Art Institute, Film Dayton, the Jewish Cultural Arts and Book Festival and WYSO

The Premiere of Take Us Home, Nov 15th 7pm at the Dayton Art Institute.

Tickets are on sale now at the Dayton Art Institute website.

We had a public screening at the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, OH on Nov 12th, 2011. It was a feedback screening as the only people who had seen the film up until then were people directly involved with the film. It was important to assess the reactions of a good cross section of people who had no idea about our subject matter.

The next step is final editing and then off to the labs for colour correction and sound mix.